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"Our mission is to help people and teams to create unlimited possibilites and powerful results."

Meet Emmanuel & Bree Kerr, your Coaches

Opulent Spirit Coaching is a collaborative coaching program facilitated by mindset mentors, Emmanuel and Bree Kerr.

Bringing together science and spirituality, Emmanuel and Bree’s coaching is for high-performing leaders and individuals.

Unlike the industrial coaching experience usually offered in the personal development space, Opulent Spirit Coaching supports and guides people to achieve lifelong success, through a metaphysical approach to coaching.


We are all breaking free of paradigms — “an operating system”, so to speak within our hidden minds —  that wants us to stay in that lower frequency, in the same results. This is why at Opulent Spirit Coaching, we study and support you when trying to change the paradigms — so that you break free of the cycle of replaying that unwanted result. Through our mentorship with you, we help you stay focused on the outcome you want and continue to reject the unwanted thoughts, the paradigms will give in.


World-class, decades-proven consulting and coaching.

We support and encourage everyone we work with to dream big and to pursue their life’s purpose. We are only here for a small drop of time, and we have been gifted with choice, so why aren’t more people living the way they truly want? Everyone wants to achieve success, but many don’t know where to begin. The truth is that our results are a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs and our current level of awareness.

Work with a Certified Professional Consultant and Member of the Inner Circle Mastermind by renowned personal development pioneer Bob Proctor, today. 

Emmanuel Kerr

PGI Inner Circle Member & Elite Master Coach

I specialize in helping individuals and businesses worldwide to be more, do more, have more and create more than ever before.

I am grateful and honoured to work with the best human potential and success coach in the world, Bob Proctor. I use Bob’s proven methodology to spark dramatic change in the results of those committed to creating a life of happiness, health and wealth and transcending the limitations of this physical reality.


My passion is to help people break free from their old limiting ancestral paradigms. There is a better way of living that invites freedom and liberation. Everyone has the ability to experience life in a way that does not compromise their happiness and prosperity. I challenge my clients to become a more enlightened version of themselves, rather than someone who is still repeating the same patterns from previous generations.


I work with the decision-makers and action takers who push the boundaries of what is possible for themselves. My mission is to ‘improve the quality of lives globally by elevating the quality of thoughts individually.’ The people I work with are motivated and have a strong desire to transform their unwanted results. I help them turn their goals and dreams into their daily reality, and by doing so, they change their own lives and the lives of those around them. As a result, my clients learn how to connect with constant solutions and achieve quantum leaps in their overall results, finally living the life they want and deserve.

” If you are ready to transform your paradigms and achieve quantum leaps in your results, then do exactly what Emmanuel suggests. He is one of the most highly effective coaches I have ever worked with.”

~ Bob Proctor, Chairman and Founder of the Proctor Gallagher Institute

Bree Kerr

Self-Worth & Empowerment Coach

I am a Self-Worth and Empowerment Coach who helps people rediscover their spiritual identity, to improve their results and transform their lives.


I have always had an inner knowing that I am here to help awaken individuals and the planet’s collective consciousness to their inner power and infinite potential.

 I have studied the wisdom of many great spiritual leaders and teachers, including the great Bob Proctor. I use all of this awareness to help my clients set and achieve their big goals that are in harmony with their true spiritual identity.

Self-image and awareness are crucial in achieving the life we want; we are not here to live small mediocre lives that prevent us from being truly free; we are here to create and to experience that absolute best of everything. There is divinity in all of us, and we are all made perfectly; the only doubt that we have comes from the limiting beliefs that have been passed down to us from previous generations and the outside world. Once we learn how to reprogram these limiting behaviour patterns, we stop comparing ourselves to others, and we step into our soul’s purpose.

My role is to help people recognise the hidden gems buried within them. We all can achieve anything we desire and live the life we have always wanted; I help my clients express this locked up creativity. We are on a journey of self-discovery, and no two journeys are the same, so why do we continue to live the way others believe we should? It all begins with knowing who we are at a subconscious and spiritual level.


How we see ourselves is how the world sees us; the world around us is a giant mirror reflecting our inner world and beliefs. When we change the way we see ourselves, the outside world will mirror this newfound awareness and results.







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