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Opulent Spirit Coaching is a collaborative coaching program facilitated by mindset mentors, Emmanuel and Bree Kerr. Bringing together science and spirituality, Manny and Bree’s coaching is for high-performing leaders and individuals. Unlike the industrial coaching experience usually offered in the personal development space, Opulent Spirit Coaching supports and guides people to achieve lifelong success, through a metaphysical approach to coaching.


We are all breaking free of paradigms — “an operating system”, so to speak within our hidden minds —  that wants us to stay in that lower frequency, in the same results. This is why at Opulent Spirit Coaching, we study and support you when trying to change the paradigms — so that you break free of the cycle of replaying that unwanted result. Through our mentorship with you, we help you stay focused on the outcome you want and continue to reject the unwanted thoughts, the paradigms will give in.


World-class, decades-proven consulting and coaching.

As a Certified Professional Consultant and Member of the Inner Circle Mastermind by renowned personal development pioneer Bob Proctor, …

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