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You are an OPULENT SPIRIT: unlimited in what you can CREATE.

And so, this is not your usual coaching program.
You Deserve the Best.

Our mission: To raise the vibration of Mother Earth by awakening one spirit at a time to their “I Am” energy.

— Emmanuel Kerr, coach & co-creator of Opulent Spirit Coaching

Hi, there! We are Emmanuel and Bree Kerr, your guides and wayshowers here at Opulent Spirit Coaching. We believe that an “opulent spirit” is the creator of unlimited results. We firmly believe that each individual has the power and resourcefulness within themselves to create unlimited results — and we are here to help guide and show them how to do this, through a proven system of success.

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Client Results

Real Stories from Opulent Spirits.

We are so honored and grateful to have served clients from all over the world, through our signature coaching and mentoring programs. Here’s what they have to say about being opulent spirits and co-creators with the divine intelligent energy.

“Thanks to Emmanuel’s mentoring, my life and results have transformed both personally and professionally. I am now working in my dream job as a leading designer for one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Emmanuel’s support, inspiring teachings and guidance made the difference in developing the inner peace, patience and personal leadership I needed to achieve my goals. I am very grateful that I started this journey, and I highly recommend everyone work with Emmanuel to achieve the results they want.”

Remon Helmond

CEO, [Remon Helmond]

“Since working with Emmanuel, my life has completely changed. I went from graduating college to launching my own online business earning over $19,000 a month. Emmanuel helped me overcome so many limiting paradigms; I gained the confidence I needed to become a highly successful entrepreneur, connecting with my hidden talents and abilities.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have had the courage to make these changes without Emmanuel’s guidance and mentoring. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone who wants to achieve quantum leaps in their results.”

Larry Antiporda

CEO, [AltAgency, USA]

“I can tell you from my most authentic truth that what I got out of Emmanuel’s coaching, I didn’t expect going into it. I went through a complete awakening of enlightenment, truth and creativity. I shed everything that I wasn’t to become what I am now… my authentic self. I found my life’s purpose, which has allowed me to launch my own spiritual business and most excitingly, I have written and published my first children’s book- The Adventures of Alchemy and Aloe.”

Rhiannon Watson

Author & Entrepreneur, [Rhiannon Watson]

It’s time to turn your ideas into RESULTS.

Stop just daydreaming and turn those dreams into plans, youg goals into actual lived experiences and achievements, and your thinking into results.

Get a FREE Consultation, today.

We’d love to explore with you about how you can get started achieving the results you’ve been dreaming about. What if we could show you a proven system for creating powerful goals and tangible results? Set up a FREE CONSULTATION with us, and let’s explore just how opulent a spirit you are.

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